Laurisan offers unique health-promoting properties supports a healthy immune system - whenever you feel that your immunity is challenged. helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and yeast. is a naturally occurring monoglyceride metabolized directly by the liver unlike other saturated fats. It is not re-converted into inactive triglycerides. is significantly more cost-effective than laurel/coconut oil. You may need to take 12 tablespoons or more of laurel/coconut oil to equal the amount of monoglyceride found in Laurisan. is all-natural, a middle chain saturated fatty acid found in coconut or laurel oil. is the same monoglyceride received from mother’s milk. is recommended by health professionals. is absolutely nontoxic. is very safe for anybody to use. does not interacting with drugs. is free from coconut allergens, additives, preservatives and fillers. is suitable to being taken with most other supplements and medications.
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